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Turf Services Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality artificial grass applications for a variety of projects including landscaping, playgrounds, golf, logos, and sports accessories.

Turf Services Inc. specializes in adding graphics and designs to synthetic turf in end zones, midfield mascots, logos, batter’s circles, on deck circles, baseball halos, stencils, templates and more. Create new sponsorship opportunities or show off your team logo with a custom batter’s circle, a brilliant halo, or an on deck circle for your team!

TSI also offers a variety of baseball field equipment. We offer everything you need to make your field look great including on-deck circles, batter’s mats, home plate mats, halos, bullpen mats, and fungo circles. With the ability to customize everything with your team’s mascot, the field of your dreams is just a phone call away!

Our artificial lawn options are the solution for your home! Imagine having a lawn you don’t have to mow, water, fertilize, and on top of that, will look perfect all year long, even during a drought.

Our artificial turf is great for dogs or other pets! Say goodbye to discolorations in your lawn and muddy paw prints throughout your house. Save time and hassle with a custom artificial lawn installation from Turf Services Incorporated.

We can even install your own custom putting green! Invest more time into your golf game with the hours you’ll save having a maintenance-free lawn at your house.

So whether you’re in the market for an artificial lawn for your home or custom baseball field equipment, Turf Services Inc. has the solution you are looking for.

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