About Our Artificial Grass Applications

The Turf Services Inc. Story:

We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about TSI and the various artificial grass solutions we provide! TSI specializes in artificial turf products that can be used in a variety of applications.

Our state-of-the-art water jet can cut and shape synthetic turf with precision accuracy. It can create any unique shape for your logos or designs.

TSI can customize our turf specifically for your football, baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse synthetic turf fields.

In addition, TSI can add logos, numbers, sponsors, and more to your fields. TSI can meet your needs from custom stencils or templates for a temporary logo to a brand new custom midfield turf logo.

We can create a brilliant and crisp graphic of your school’s logo for both players and fans to enjoy.

TSI also provides custom on deck circles, batters circles, and baseball halos. We have made hundreds of custom on deck circles for all levels of baseball and softball.

If you’e looking for on deck circles, halos, batters circles and more, check out our baseball field equipment page.

Additionally, TSI can get you the perfect synthetic lawn you’ve dreamed of for your home or business. There are Artificial Grass Benefits for your landscaping purposes.

Our artificial Landscaping Turf is great for problem lawns caused from water restrictions, drought prone areas, dogs and other pets, and shade. Total turf will look great all year and save you maintenance costs associated with landscaping upkeep.

TSI’s installation crew will perfectly install your artificial turf on schedule. Our professional crew is the best in Texas and is based out of Dallas.

Artificial Turf For Pets

Landscaping Turf is perfect for lawns, pet areas, playgrounds, patios, pool sides, rooftops and more. TSI can help you get the perfect lawn you have always dreamed of with our Landscaping Turf.

Our Texas Tough artificial Pet Turf is great for your dogs or other pets. Imagine a backyard with no more brown spots, easier clean up, and no paw prints when your best friend comes back inside.

It’s not a dream!

This can be your reality by installing TSI’s artificial turf for dogs and other pets.

Artificial Lawn For Golf

Is golf your game?

TSI can even install your own personal putting green in your backyard!

Our artificial lawn options can be customized to your specific needs.

We can build your dream synthetic green to your exact specifications.

Want a faster green?

A lush fringe surrounding the green?

A sand trap to increase the difficulty?

How about a separate tee you can move around your backyard to chip from?

TSI can do all that and more. The only limitation to your custom artificial backyard putting green is your imagination.

“Brandscape” Your Business

TSI can also help with the brandscaping of your business.

Let your TSI installed synthetic turf work 24/7 for your business by branding it with your company’s a logo.

Our synthetic turf logos look great all year long and require significantly less maintenance than traditional landscaping.

Want improve your business’s landscaping, and give your customers something to remember you by?

Then brandscape your land with our LOGOturf and leave a lasting impression on your customers and clients!