Artificial Grass For Landscaping

Our Texas-Tough artificial grass for landscaping projects can take anything Mother Nature gives.

Turf Services artificial turf is perfect for landscaping in drought-prone areas, high shade areas, and poor drainage areas.

Our turf is extremely durable and built to last. It can easily handle anything the weather in Texas can throw at it. More importantly, artificial grass looks great all year long.


Installing artificial landscaping turf is a great choice for any location. The Turf Services crew is based in Dallas, Texas.

Our professional installation team is very experienced in installing synthetic landscaping turf.

Our staff operates quickly to get your project done on schedule, and exactly how you want it.


Landscaping with synthetic turf was created to replace natural grass areas that just can’t sustain decent looking turf.

The Synthetic Turf Council’s website discusses the many benefits associated with upgrading to artificial turf over natural grass.

For instance, landscaping with artificial turf has the realistic look and lifelike feel of natural grass.

Our Texas-Tough artificial grass has none of the weaknesses associated with its natural counterpart.

The backing is designed to allow better and faster drainage than natural grass.

Our backing is even anti-microbial!

Additionally, TSI’s turf fibers are created with UV inhibitors, designed to prevent fading and fiber degradation from harmful UV rays.

It also cleans easier than grass, and won’t discolor due to pet waste. If you have a pet, check out our Pet Turf.

Synthetic turf looks great all year. It’s the best low maintenance solution for all your landscaping areas.

You can essentially maintain your entire lawn with just a leaf blower!

You’ll save money on mowing, aerating, watering and fertilizing each year with our landscaping turf.

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TSI Artificial Grass Applications

  • Hospitality: Hotels, resorts, and casinos
  • Landscaping: Commercial and residential lawns and landscaping
  • Playgrounds: Schools, parks, clubs, pre-schools, child care facilities
  • Patios, pools, and decks: More durable than outdoor carpeting, looks better than pavers and concrete
  • Rooftops: Create your own rooftop getaway
  • Municipalities: Parks, recreation areas, government plazas, rest areas

Landscaping Turf