Artificial Turf For Dogs And Other Pets


We all love our pets, but nobody loves the extensive damage they can cause to our lawns.

Artificial turf for dogs is ideal for your lawn!

Our Pet Turf’s unmatched drainage, high durability, and realistic look and feel, make it a perfect choice for your dogs and other pets.

Our artificial turf was designed and created by dog lovers, for dog lovers. We have installed Pet Turf in backyards, kennels, dog parks, animal shelters and hospitals, pet training facilities, and boarding kennels.


Our pet turf is Texas-Tough. It was originally designed for arid and extremely hot climates, and to be extremely durable.

The anti-microbial backing and stain resistant fibers will keep your pet areas looking great while keeping it safe for their daily use, and will last significantly longer than natural turf!

The backing drains with zero absorption, so it won’t retain smells, and the turf provides easier clean up.

Because our artificial turf drains so quickly, and doesn’t deteriorate and get patchy like natural grass, your dogs stay clean, and your lawn stays green.

Also, because you don’t need to fertilize or use chemicals on your lawn, it keeps your family and your dogs safer.

Additionally, most of the maintenance can be done with just a leaf blower, which is used to remove debris off the turf.

So not only will our artificial turf look great, but it will also perform better than natural grass, with a 15 – 20 year life expectancy.

Pet Turf Applications

Our pet turf is perfect for any application. We have installed our turf in kennels, doggy day cares, veterinarian offices, grooming facilities, and dog training facilities.

But our turf isn’t just for commercial use, it’s great for back yards, dog runs, home dog kennels, and any other areas your dogs use.


The turf will actually pay for itself as you save money from not watering, mowing, aerating, and fertilizing your lawn.

Imagine all the time and money you will save during those long and hot Texas summers without having to water your lawn!

Our pet turf will save you time too. It is very low maintenance, allowing you to reclaim your weekends from time spent trying to keep your lawn looking great.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to discolored spots, muddy paws, mowing, and watering your lawn, then our artificial turf for dogs and other pets is right for you!

Expert Installation

Our experienced installation crew, which is based in Texas, will make sure your project gets done right the first time, and on schedule.

We are capable of customizing the installation to meet your needs so your project comes out exactly as you want it.

Pet Turf